Infoservices background materials

Information Service for MPs (Infoservice) provides the Members of the Parliament and their staff with information and research services. The general principles of the services are professionalism, accuracy, impartiality and confidentiality. Infoservice, in addition to answering the individual requests, supports the work of the Members of the Parliament with proactive background materials as well.

Infoscope 2019 – following the best practices of Anglo-Saxon parliamentary research services – serves a dual purpose. On the one hand it provides information on challenges, the World and Hungary will encounter in the future. On the other hand it introduces the services, Infoservice provides the parliamentary work with, especially the brief policy summaries (Infobriefings) and statistical information leaflets (Infotableaus). One can download Infoscope 2019 in printable version by clicking on the picture.



Information Briefings (Infobriefings) provide concise, objective, balanced and relevant information on policy issues that are subject to the draft bills or at the focus of the current public policy. They comprise of a brief description and proper references of the legal background, international treaties, EU legislation, national professional, political and civil opinions as well as statistical data.


2021/54. Citizens' Participation in EU Decision-Making Processes

2021/53. Taxation of the Digital Sector

2021/51. Public Passenger Transport Services  - e-Ticketing

2021/50. Pension System

2021/49. Family Benefit Programmes

2021/48. Nutrition in the Context of the Child Guarantee

2021/47. Health of Children in the Context of the Child Guarantee

2021/46. Early Childhood Education and Care in the Context of the Child Guarantee

2021/45. Vaccine Passport

2021/44. Re-use of Public Sector Information

2021/43. Digital Money

2021/42. Cableway Installations for Passengers

2021/41. The Ruling on the Behaviour of Distributors' Unfair Trading

2021/40. Greenwashing Phenomenon

2021/39. The Hole in the Ozone Layer

2021/38. Educational Grant for Hungarians Living in Neighbouring Countries

2021/37. Bethlen Gabor Fund

2021/36. European Democracy Action Plan

2021/35. Volunteering

2021/34. Military Service Obligation

2021/33. Adequate Housing in the Context of the Chlid Guarantee

2021/32. Education in the Context of the Child Guarantee

2021/31. Chlid Guarantee

2021/30. EU Foreign Policy Priorities

2021/29. 30 years of Relations between Hungary and the Council of Europe

2021/28. European Year of Rail

2021/27. Soil Protection 2.

2021/26. Energy Revolution - Smart Meters, Electromobility

2021/25. Rules on Using Renewable Energy

2021/24. Customer Identification in the Financial Sector

2021/23. Covered Bonds

2021/22. The Prevention of Money Laundering and the Funding of Terrorism

2021/21. Knowledge Flows between the Academic and the Business Sphere

2021/20. National Innovation System

2021/19. Export Financing

2021/18. Electronic Administration

2021/17. Public Records of Permanent Value

2021/16. Delivery of Official Documents

2021/15. Electronic Land Registry

2021/14. Dark Web

2021/13. COVID-19 Pandemic's Impact on Female Employees

2021/12. Frontex and the European Border and Coast Guard

2021/11. Local Governments during the COVID-19 Pandemic

2021/10. Bullying in Schools

2021/9. Protection of Geographical Indications for Pálinka

2021/8. Protection of Geographical Indications for Agricultural Products 2.

2021/7. Seasonal Work during COVID-19 Pandemic

2021/6. International Student Mobility

2021/5. Science Diplomacy

2021/4. European External Action Service

2021/3. The Framework of Local Youth Policy

2021/2. The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Fight Against COVID-19 Pandemic

2021/1. European Citizens' Initiative








Analyses are prepared on demand of the MPs, usually longer papers, focussing on the international comparative analysis of the issue. They provide detailed analysis of the legislation and practice of the particular countries – usually the EU Member States. An overview of foreign examples is provided by comparative analysis and tables.


Regulation of Social Media and Online Platforms in the European Union

Seasonal Work during COVID-19

State of Danger and Epidemical Situation in certain EU Member States during COVID-19


Emergency measures to combat COVID-19 epidemic in certain EU countries

Employment and social policy measures during COVID-19 in certain EU countries

Measures to protect enterprises during the pandemic in certain EU countries


Remuneration of Members of Parliament

Plastic and packaging waste management in certain countries of the European Union


Mandatory and voluntary military services

The history and recent trends in organic agriculture


Right of assembly - EU member states


Parliamentary publicity - international outlook

Declaration of assets and incompatibility of Members of Parliament - international outlook

Protection of the parliament building, regulation of demonstrations, parlamentary guard and secretary-general - international outlook

MPs' (members of parliament) pay and allowances - international outlook

Parliamentary disciplinary law - international outlook

Immunity for Members of Parliament - international outlook

Constitutional and political attribution of parliaments - International Outlook

Government's duties and parliamentary supervision in the event of a state of emergency in EU member states

Civil control and supervision of the armed forces by the Ombuds Institutions in the countries of the EU


Incompatibility of MPs - EU countries

Regulation of genetically modified organisms in some Member States

Rights of independent Members of the Parliament - EU Member States