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Information Service for MPs (Infoservice) provides the Members of the Parliament and their staff with information and research services. The general principles of the services are professionalism, accuracy, impartiality and confidentiality. Infoservice, in addition to answering the individual requests, supports the work of the Members of the Parliament with proactive background materials as well.

Infoscope 2019 – following the best practices of Anglo-Saxon parliamentary research services – serves a dual purpose. On the one hand it provides information on challenges, the World and Hungary will encounter in the future. On the other hand it introduces the services, Infoservice provides the parliamentary work with, especially the brief policy summaries (Infobriefings) and statistical information leaflets (Infotableaus). One can download Infoscope 2019 in printable version by clicking on the picture.



Information Briefings (Infobriefings) provide concise, objective, balanced and relevant information on policy issues that are subject to the draft bills or at the focus of the current public policy. They comprise of a brief description and proper references of the legal background, international treaties, EU legislation, national professional, political and civil opinions as well as statistical data.


2020/53. Crisis management in tourism

2020/52. The European Green Deal

2020/51. FinTech

2020/50. Integrated Political Crisis Response

2020/49. Income support measures

2020/48. Dental care, dentists

2020/47. Light Electric Vehicles

2020/46. Fair minimum wage

2020/45. Impacts of climate change

2020/44. Children's Homes/Foster Homes

2020/43. Children's rights during the COVID-19 pandemic

2020/42. Slots at airports

2020/41. Waste management 2.

2020/40. Coronavirus exit strategy (Lifting COVID-19 containment measures)

2020/39. Visitor economy

2020/38. Crisis management in the Hungarian cultural sector

2020/37. Taxi driving licence

2020/36. Criminal offenses during the COVID-19 pandemic

2020/35. Policy Measures to Protect Businesses During COVID-19

2020/34. COVID-19 containment and social measures

2020/33. Impact of COVID-19 on the environment

2020/32. Impact of COVID-19 on agribusiness

2020/31. Health and safety in telework

2020/30. Self-employment

2020/29. International epidemiological organisations

2020/28. The rights and protections of nationalities in Hungary

2020/27. Biometric identification

2020/26. Official pricing and epidemics

2020/25. The military career programme and its salary system

2020/24. Agricultural Risk Management System

2020/23. The use of the Army in the COVID-19 pandemic

2020/22. History of Pandemics

2020/21. Development of green infrastructure

2020/20. Apiculture, honey market

2020/19. Visa Code

2020/18. Veterinarians

2020/17. Security of the Agro-Food Chain

2020/16. Market surveillance

2020/15. The use of Schengen Information System for the return of illegally resident third-country nationals

2020/14. Schengen Information System

2020/13. Article 7 process

2020/12. Medical devices

2020/11. Service Sector

2020/10. Education systems during the COVID-19 pandemic

2020/9. Procedure to settle ownership of agricultural land

2020/8. The Criminal Proceedings Act

2020/7. Telework

2020/6. The special legal order and the state of danger

2020/5. Theatres of nationalities in Hungary

2020/4. Behavioural Economics

2020/3. Seed market

2020/2. Clearing procedures in the constuction industry

2020/1. Changes in the fashion industry



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The goal of Information Tableaus (Infotableaus) is to provide the legislative work with short information leaflets focussing on statistical data, their visual display and description, on policy issues that are on the agenda of the National Assembly or in the focus of public life.


2020/51. Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) 06/07/2020

2020/50. Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) 29/06/2020

2020/49. Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) 22/06/2020

2020/48. Holder of the Presidency of the Council of the EU: Germany

2020/47. Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) 15/06/2020

2020/46. Macroeconomic Indicators 2020/3

2020/45. Service Sector 2020/2

2020/44. Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) 08/06/2020

2020/43. Public safety, police 2020

2020/42. Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) 02/06/2020

2020/41. The labour market 2020/2

2020/40. Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) 28/05/2020

2020/39. Vaccination, immunization

2020/38. Finance 2020/2

2020/37. Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) 25/05/2020

2020/36. Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) 21/05/2020

2020/35. Children's empowerment services

2020/34. Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) 18/05/2020

2020/33. E-Commerce under COVID-19 Pandemic

2020/32. Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) 14/05/2020

2020/31. Road traffic

2020/30. Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) 11/05/2020

2020/29. Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) 07/05/2020

2020/28. Pharmaceutical Industry

2020/27. Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) 04/05/2020

2020/26. Non-profit organisations

2020/25. Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) 30/04/2020

2020/24. Labour in tourism industry

2020/23. Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) 27/04/2020

2020/22. Chronic diseases

2020/21. Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) 23/04/2020

2020/20. The 30th anniversary of Hungary's first democratic parliament after communism

2020/19. Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) 20/04/2020

2020/18. Housing Market 2020/1

2020/17. Macroeconomic Indicators 2020/2

2020/16. Environmental overview of Hungary

2020/15. Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) 16/04/2020

2020/14. Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) 14/04/2020

2020/13. Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) 09/04/2020

2020/12. Crime, public safety, police

2020/11. Service Sector 2020/1

2020/10. Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) 06/04/2020

2020/9. Social Protection 2020

2020/8. Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) 02/04/2020

2020/7. Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) 30/03/2020

2020/6. Regional differences in the labour market

2020/5. The labour market 2020/1

2020/4. Finance 2020/1

2020/3. Macroeconomic Indicators 2020/1

2020/2. Health 2020

2020/1. Environment 2020



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Analyses are prepared on demand of the MPs, usually longer papers, focussing on the international comparative analysis of the issue. They provide detailed analysis of the legislation and practice of the particular countries – usually the EU Member States. An overview of foreign examples is provided by comparative analysis and tables.


Remuneration of Members of Parliament

Plastic and packaging waste management in certain countries of the European Union


Mandatory and voluntary military services

The history and recent trends in organic agriculture


Right of assembly - EU member states


Parliamentary publicity - international outlook

Declaration of assets and incompatibility of Members of Parliament - international outlook

Protection of the parliament building, regulation of demonstrations, parlamentary guard and secretary-general - international outlook

MPs' (members of parliament) pay and allowances - international outlook

Parliamentary disciplinary law - international outlook

Immunity for Members of Parliament - international outlook

Constitutional and political attribution of parliaments - International Outlook

Government's duties and parliamentary supervision in the event of a state of emergency in EU member states

Civil control and supervision of the armed forces by the Ombuds Institutions in the countries of the EU



Incompatibility of MPs - EU countries

Regulation of genetically modified organisms in some Member States

Rights of independent Members of the Parliament - EU Member States