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Dear Visitor,

Hungary will hold the presidency of the Visegrád Group between 1 July 2017 and 30 June 2018, assuming the presidency from Poland.
In the upcoming year, we will face a number of significant events and challenges which will demonstrate the critical importance of regional cooperation. These topics will include, as priorities, the debate over the future of the European Union, the negotiations concerning the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, the management of the migration crisis and the question of bolstering European security. Our presidency of the Group will enable us to actively shape these processes, as equal parties, together with our partners in the region. The V4 countries contribute to the security and competitiveness of the continent in a significant way. Further advancing these capabilities is one of our main goals. The National Assembly’s V4 programmes are designed to contribute to the programme of the Hungarian presidency of the V4 (European Visegrád, Regional Visegrád, Digital Visegrád and Global Visegrád) in a meaningful way. Within the context of these priorities, the Parliamentary presidency will focus on topics which will enable the V4 countries to achieve successes for the Central European region, thereby strengthening the democratic functioning of the European Union. The motto of the presidency is, ‘V4 Connects’, because it is only through political, economic, infrastructural and social cohesion that our region can become truly strong.
By further broadening the parliamentary dimension of V4 cooperation, the National Assembly wishes to contribute to the goals above while also strengthening the national parliaments’ manoeuvring room in the shaping of European processes. In this framework, Hungary will host a number of meetings between the Speakers of Parliament of the Visegrád countries as well as those of various committee formations. Among other topics, this website will continue to provide information on the outcomes of these meetings.



László Kövér
Speaker of the Hungarian National Assembly