Back Videoconference of the Chairs of Foreign Affairs Committees of the V4 Parliaments, 15 December 2020.

The meeting of the Chairs of the Foreign Affairs Committees of the V4 parliaments was held on 15 December 2020 in the form of a video conference upon the initiative of Marek Kuchciński, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Polish Sejm, under the auspices of the Polish Presidency of the Visegrad Group. The Hungarian National Assembly was represented at the meeting by Zsolt Németh, Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs. Beside the host Marek Kuchciński, the video conference was also attended by Danuta Jazłowiecka, Vice-Chair of the Polish Senate's Committee on Foreign Affairs, Ondřej Veselý, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Czech Chamber of Deputies, Pavel Fischer, Chairman of the Czech Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, and Marián Kéry the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of the Slovak Republic.
The agenda of the meeting included two main topics: the future of Europe and the Visegrad Group in the world after the COVID-19 crisis, and the impacts of the US presidential election.
In his contributions, Zsolt Németh thanked the Polish V4 Presidency for organizing the online meeting. He praised the successful cooperation of the Visegrad countries for example on migration, COVID crisis management and other issues and underlined that V4 is the most successful and most effective cooperation in the European Union. He highlighted the importance of a common stance on enlargement and neighbourhood policy, furthermore he also cited the recent serious incidents against the Hungarians in Transcarpathia in Ukraine. He shared information on the epidemic situation in Hungary and also on the Hungarian position on current foreign policy issues raised, and suggested that in addition to the EU, the V4 also establish a common platform vis-á-vis the USA.
The committee chairs agreed that it was important to further strengthen the cooperation between the V4 countries, to develop and represent common positions, which will greatly contribute to the region's ability to assert its interests.
At the end of the event, Marek Kuchciński outlined his proposals for further co-operation of the Foreign Affairs Committees under the Polish Presidency, including a meeting on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Visegrad cooperation and more extended format meetings. He also suggested that February 15, the day of the establishment of the Visegrad Cooperation be dedicated as "Visegrad Day" in our countries.

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