Győri, Enikő


State functions
Function from to
Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs 15-06-2014 20-09-2014
State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 01-09-2010 05-06-2014

Membership of European Parliament
EP Group from to Delegated by In place of
Non-attached 05-03-2021   Hungarian Civic Union-Christian-Democratic People's Party  
Group of the European People's Party (Christian Democrats) 02-07-2019 04-03-2021 Hungarian Civic Union-Christian-Democratic People's Party  
14-07-2009 31-08-2010 FIDESZ - Hungarian Civic Union  

Contribution to debates
Term Number of contributions to debates Number of technical contributions Number of temporary videos
as EP member

Academic degree Year of issue
A tudomány(ok) doktora 2000

Language skills
Language Degree Type
English advanced C
Italian advanced C
Spanish advanced C

Language skills
Language Degree
French conversational