Chair Zsolt Németh, Vice Chair Zsolt Csenger-Zalán and Árpád Velez represented the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Hungarian Parliament at the meeting held in Warsaw on 27-28 February 2017.

The agenda of the meeting featured discussions of the impacts of the European Union, the United States and Russia, as well as the presidency of Donald Trump, on Eastern policy; European security challenges; and questions related to the southern neighbourhood, migration, terrorism, the conflict in Syria and relations with Turkey.

Ľuboš Blaha, Chair of the Committee on European Affairs of the National Council of the Slovak Republic, hosted the European affairs committees of the V4 for a meeting in Bratislava on 21-23 May 2017. Chair Richárd Hörcsik, Vice Chairs Zoltán Tessely and Tibor Bana, along with senior advisor László Juhász, represented the European Affairs Committee of the Parliament.

The agenda of the meeting included three topics: the dual quality of foodstuffs, the future of the European Union and a discussion of the agenda items of the upcoming, 57th (LVII) COSAC (Conference of Parliamentary Committees for Union Affairs) meeting.

The European affairs committees of the V4 countries met in the Czech town of Velehrad on 2-4 October 2016 at the invitation of Ondřej Benešík, Chair of the European Affairs Committee in the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic. The European Affairs Committee of the Parliament was represented at the event by Chair Richárd Hörcsik, Vice Chair Tibor Bana and senior advisor László Juhász.  Member of the European Parliament Martina Dlabajová (ALDE, Czech Republic) also participated.

The agenda of the meeting included discussions of the possible impact of the EU referendum in the United Kingdom on the Visegrád countries, migration targeting the European Union as well as a package of proposals related to the review of the Common European Asylum System.