Committee-level meetings

Hungary took over the presidency of the Visegrad countries (Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland) from Poland in July 2017, holding the V4 presidency for one year.

The meeting of the Committees on European Affairs - the opening event of the Parliamentary Dimension of the V4 presidency – will take place in Sárospatak between 24-26 September 2017. The motto of the Hungarian Presidency is ‘V4 Connects’ and the meeting has been organised in this spirit.

The meeting will be hosted by Dr. Richárd Hörcsik, Chairman of the Committee on European Affairs of the Hungarian National Assembly, who attributes special significance to the collaboration that has evolved between the four countries in EU matters. The Sárospatak meeting aims to create a better understanding of one another’s positions in key matters concerning the future of the European Union.

Participants to the meeting commencing at 9:00 a.m. on 25 September will be greeted by László Kövér, Speaker of the Hungarian National Assembly, who will deliver a welcome speech. The meeting will have two key items on its agenda: strengthening the role of national Parliaments in EU matters, and the expected impact of the UK’s departure from the European Union (Brexit) on the operation of the European Union. Concerning Brexit, participants will discuss how the employment and social rights of citizens and payments into the current, seven-year EU budget can be guaranteed in the wake of the UK’s exit. This topic will be presented by dr. Balázs Molnár, Deputy State Secretary for EU Affairs at the Prime Minister's Office.

The meeting will be concluded by accepting a closing statement, followed by a press conference to be held by the Committees’ Chairpersons at the Újbástya venue hosting the event. The meeting will also offer cultural programmes, such as the viewing of the Rákóczi Castle and participation in wine tasting.