Official bilateral meeting of László Kövér, the Hungarian and Boris Kollár, the Slovak Speaker of Parliament, Budapest, 30th June 2020

Kövér László és Boris Kollár - Kövér László and Boris Kollár kiskép

Upon his invitation Speaker of the National Assembly László Kövér received Boris Kollár, Speaker of the Slovak National Council on his official visit to Budapest on the 30th of June 2020 in the Parliament. Summarizing the event for the press, László Kövér emphasized that the cooperation between Hungary and Slovakia could be strengthened further in the field of regional relations, the empowerment of national communities and the assertion of interests in the EU. Speaking about the meetings, the Speaker of the National Assembly highlighted that they have come to an agreement with his counterpart to make, by their own means, the recently otherwise successful Visegrád Group (V4) even more fruitful. They also agreed that the national minorities have an important binding role and power, and the Hungarian Speaker expressed his hope that further progress can be expected thanks to the efforts of the new Slovak Government. László Kövér was of the opinion that the cooperation of Hungary and Slovakia is also important from the aspect of the European Union’s future, and that it is important for the two countries to help each other, cooperate and thereby aim to obtain greater leverage when asserting their national interests. Talking about the Hungarian-Slovak ties, the Speaker of the National Assembly referred to the recent talks he had with Slovak Foreign Minister Ivan Korčok on 2nd June 2020 and Slovak Prime Minister Igor Matovič on 12th June during their official visits in Budapest.
Talking about his visit, Slovak Speaker of Parliament Boris Kollár emphasized that his country is interested in building good neighbourly relations with Hungary, testament to which is the fact that after his first official visit to Prague, his second trip was to Budapest. He underlined that they had agreed on several issues with his Hungarian partner and that it is the fundamental interest of both countries to maintain a close cooperation within the V4 as well.

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