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Back Speaker of Parliament László Kövér Visits Poland on 9-11 September 2016

KépgalériaThe Speaker of Parliament was accompanied on his visit to Poland by Mrs. László Csúcs, the spokesperson for the Polish nationality in Parliament, and by Ministry of Agriculture Deputy State Secretary István Lóránt Szakáli.

During the visit, László Kövér laid a wreath in Jarosław at the monument of Polish-Hungarian friendship, with the memorial also paying tribute to the 1848 legionnaires and to Frances II Rákóczi. Speaker Kövér also visited the exhibit entitled “Rákóczi’s Relations with Poland.”

The Speaker met members of the Polish-Hungarian Friendship Society in Jarosław, as well as Hungarian and Transylvanian guests visiting on the occasion of the Day of Hungarian-Polish-Transylvanian Friendship.

In Przemyśl, he laid a wreath at the Austro-Hungarian cemetery; then, joining his Polish counterpart, he participated in the unveiling of the statue of the Hungarian Hussar and the Polish Legionnaire (Beliniak).

On the last day of his visit, the Hungarian Speaker of Parliament, together with his host, participated in, and spoke at, the official commemorative ceremony held in Łużna-Pustki military cemetery.


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