Back Videoconference of the V4 Parliamentary Committees on Administration and Home Affairs on 13 May, 2021

At the initiative of Wiesław Szczepański, the Chair of the Committee on Administration and Home Affairs in the Polish Sejm, a videoconference was held for the Committees on Administration and Home Affairs of the Parliaments of Visegrád countries on 13 May 2021. There were two items on the meeting’s agenda: border security in relation to the expected increase in the number of refugees and terrorist threats in Central and Eastern Europe, with a focus on phenomena observed in Visegrád countries.

At the meeting the Hungarian National Assembly was represented by Mónika Bartos, a Member of the Committee on Defence and Law Enforcement. Zdzisław Sipiera, Vice Chair of the Sejm’s Committee on Administration and Home Affairs, Pavel Fischer, Chair of the Czech Senate’s Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Security, Jiří Mašek, Vice-Chair of the Security Committee of the Czech Chamber of Deputies, and Lukáš Kyselica, a Member of the Security and Defence Committee of the Slovak National Council, were in attendance. Representatives from the Polish Senate were absent as they had voting duties that day.

Mónika Bartos considered it essential for the V4 to take common action against irregular migration and, during the discussion of the first agenda item, proposed that the country holding V4 Presidency should always be responsible for representing V4’s common position and interests. With regard to terrorist threats, she highlighted that the cooperation and strategic reflection process followed by the V4 so far would be essential in the future as well.

The participating Members of the relevant Committees of V4 Parliaments unanimously called for another committee meeting to be held in a timely manner to continue reflection on issues including migration, seeking to adopt further common positions.