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Back Meeting of the European Affairs Committees of the Visegrád Countries

Ľuboš Blaha, Chair of the Committee on European Affairs of the National Council of the Slovak Republic, hosted the European affairs committees of the V4 for a meeting in Bratislava on 21-23 May 2017. Chair Richárd Hörcsik, Vice Chairs Zoltán Tessely and Tibor Bana, along with senior advisor László Juhász, represented the European Affairs Committee of the Parliament.

The agenda of the meeting included three topics: the dual quality of foodstuffs, the future of the European Union and a discussion of the agenda items of the upcoming, 57th (LVII) COSAC (Conference of Parliamentary Committees for Union Affairs) meeting.

 Discussions of the dual quality of foodstuffs in EU member states revealed that the problem affects not just the countries of the V4, but the entire region.  Each member state is investigating the issue.  Meeting participants agreed that no distinctions in terms of markings and no differentiation is acceptable within the European Union. They emphasised that problems stemming from the dual quality of foodstuffs affect some 100 million EU citizens, and the problem must therefore be addressed on an EU level, possibly by developing new EU regulations.

In discussions of the future of the European Union, meeting participants took stock of the global and internal challenges that member states of the EU are forced to face today. They dealt, as a priority, with regional conflicts, the economic-financial and the resulting social crisis, the mounting pressure posed by migration, and the process of disintegration initiated by Brexit. Participants therefore agreed to call for the strengthening of V4 cooperation and a united stance as far as fundamental issues are concerned.


 For the agenda of the upcoming, 57th (LVII) COSAC meeting, they proposed discussions of north-south infrastructural links and the situation of cohesion policies post 2020.


Participants concluded the meeting by adopting a closing declaration.