Előkészítés - Bizottsági találkozók

Back Meeting of the Foreign Affairs Committees of V4 Country Parliaments

Németh Zsolt a V4-es országok parlamentjeinek külügyi bizottsági találkozójánChair Zsolt Németh, Vice Chair Zsolt Csenger-Zalán and Árpád Velez represented the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Hungarian Parliament at the meeting held in Warsaw on 27-28 February 2017.

The agenda of the meeting featured discussions of the impacts of the European Union, the United States and Russia, as well as the presidency of Donald Trump, on Eastern policy; European security challenges; and questions related to the southern neighbourhood, migration, terrorism, the conflict in Syria and relations with Turkey.

Agreeing, meeting participants emphasised the need for the renewal of the EU and for the Central European region to take a united stance. They noted the crisis of European integration affecting economic, social and political questions. In this context, participants raised the idea of increasing defence spending and a common intent to prevent the evolution of a two-speed Europe.

Regarding the issue of migration, Zsolt Németh – alluding to the motto of the Hungarian V4 presidency, “Visegrád Connects” – spoke positively of the united and consensual actions of the V4. He expressed his hope that member nations will be able to represent their positions in a similarly united fashion as far as the quota issue is concerned. Meeting participants agreed that Germany is no longer able to cope with the question of migration alone, and therefore called it necessary for the V4 to take coordinated action, urging cooperation to prevent the establishment of newer paths for migration.